Dive Training / Courses

Mastering a drysuit, getting deeper and even SF2 Rebreather exploration.. Descend Scuba Diving provides training experiences that we are deeply passionate about teaching and best reflect our stunning Milford Sound based location. From your first breaths underwater on SCUBA to Technical diving into the darkest waters, we have something to Awaken the Explorer. Training with Descend gives you direct, personal attention in diving locations that are world class.. and we have heaps of Kiwi style fun along the way! High end equipment by Scuba Force is provided inclusive for all diver training and experiences.


Drysuit specialty - Descend's #1specialty

During our standard Milford Sound Day tour you can maximise your experience by learning to dive in a drysuit. Our Scuba Force NST drysuits are available in most sizes and provides you with increased comfort, warmth and style to get even more enjoyment out of your Milford Sound day. Learning to dive dry is a good challenge that adds a great skill to your diving experience. 

Cost of tour including PADI drysuit specialty NZ$ 595



Descend regularly provides Open Water courses in Queenstown and Milford Sound. This is where the adventure begins, but there is so much more then just getting your ticket: Dive deeper and longer using Enriched Air Nitrox, utilize specialty equipment, drift dive fast flowing rivers, explore shipwrecks and become a confident Rescue diver.. there is much to learn in diving ! 


sf2 rebreather -  eccr

The SF2 Rebreather is regarded as the perfect diving machine. Sleek and simple design, best Nitrox mix at any depth, bubble free silent operation, and near unlimited diving range is the reason more and more keen divers are embracing the pinnacle of diving technology to take their diving experiences to the next level. Power up! Join the Scuba Force.