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Dive Equipment


We have teamed up with the European dive equipment brand Scubaforce in order to provide you with high end diving equipment for our dive tours in Milford Sound and our diver training. 

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Scubaforce Explorer

NST Drysuits

After more than three years of developmental work and in cooperation with a high-tech machinery company from Germany,  SCUBAFORCE is very proud to introduce the  NO STITCH TECHNOLOGY drysuit.

With this NST process, the main seams of the drysuit are welded with an ultrasonic welding machine and remain WATERPROOF.

In contrast to conventional production with sewing machines, the material is not “perforated”, but connected without damage to each other! By utilizing this welding process, no water can seep into the suit.

This new modern method of production, combined with high quality materials, make the EXPLORER NST unmatched in performance. Durability, freedom of movement, weight – the new SCUBAFORCE suit sets the standards for the future of diving dry.




If you are interested in purchasing any Scubaforce products, please contact us for pricing.

Drysuit option 

You are able to rent a drysuit as part of our Milford Sound dive tour. We can provide training if you do not hold a drysuit certification.