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Dive New Zealand's Milford Sound: Fiordland World Heritage Area


Diving New Zealand's Milford Sound / Piopiotahi marine reserve is an experience that can not be found any where else on Earth.


Unique to the Milford's underwater world are sheer cliff faces, which provide for the most spectacular Fiord wall diving and a totally unique eco system of black coral trees. The coral trees have a stunning white appearance over a jet black skeleton and are normally only found in deep water trenches but thanks to Milford's heavy rainfall making for a mix of fresh and salt water on the surface with huge mountains casting their shadows over the waters enough light is blocked to allow these beautiful coral trees to call Milford's Pipiotahi marine reserve home.


While diving you may also see Dolphins, Seals, Sharks, Eels, Octopus, Stingray, Crayfish, Nudibranch and over 150 different fish species.


The marine life, extreme cliff faces, majestic scenery and powerful presence lead Jacques Cousteau to rate Fiordland diving in his top 10 locations of all time


Descend Scuba Diving is operated by PADI instructors Lance and Simone. We are committed to an approach of high safety and level of service to your experience to make for a fantastic, memorable day.




Milford Sound has a post dive altitude consideration. For safety requirements we recommend planning to stay overnight following diving to reduce nitrogen levels before travelling to altitude on the Milford highway (945 m).


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Milford Sound diving highlights video.



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